Somatic Equine Arts

What is S E A?

Somatic Equine Arts (SEA) is an innovative therapeutic embodied awakening process. Through a somatic embodied connection with HORSES, the integration of our sensory awareness and physical movement becomes a smooth synergy that coordinates our intellectual, emotional, and intuitive expressions of physicality and consciousness.

Horses are consummate teachers of how we are present in each moment. They naturally embody a somato-spiritual consciousness, and have a unique ability to comfort people.

SEA training combines the extraordinary methods of Embodied Mindfulness, Continuum Movement and Body Balancing methods, with powerful and calming experiences with horses.

SEA enhances both human's and horse's capacity to develop somatic intelligence or the ability to integrate information at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.



Wellness for Humans and Horses

Inhabiting the
World of Horses
Healing &
Embodied Leadership


What Participants Say

A beautiful experience . . .

  1. I am so grateful to have been a participant in this workshop. It has been a while since I have been with horses, and from this place, I now deeply understand what it really means to 'be with' horses. In essence, it was a deeper unfolding into the invitation to 'be with' myself and other, and how to take these insights into my life. The combination of somatic movement, Continuum exploration, and sharing space with these incredible creatures, allowed for me a deepening into myself, my surroundings, and my heart connection with this precious life. Holding awareness of each moment, meeting other with respect and understanding, while honoring essential boundaries holds such richness for my life. I highly recommend this work to anyone who wishes to connect with nature, their body, the wild, and the power of horse medicine. Thank you Teri for such an offering!
    Sarah Grace, Continuum Movement Teacher
  2. Thank you for another wonderful day at the ranch. I do enjoy when I am there! It was really helpful for me seeing you and Brenda work with the horses. And, I appreciated being with the horses in a more somatic way after doing continuum and lying on the earth.
    David Gilbert, Somatic & Expressive Arts
  3. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience, the “Inhabiting the World of Horses” workshop was unlike anything I have ever experienced before! In this tumultuous world we live in you provided us with a space of pure grounding and involvement with these elegant creatures. A space where we could drop down deep into our own inner resources and feel one with all that is. These animals are so pure in heart, so connected to all that is around them that one cannot help but feel it also. You and Brenda guided us so gently into the horse’s environment and alleviated all fears we may have had. You gave us practical advice on how to claim our own space with them and then allowed us to enter that world that is theirs and ours to claim. That day will be with part of me now. I have found myself going back to the horses often in my mind with great peace and pleasure . I long to be with them again as if they are old and ancient friends of mine.
    Ellen Lane, Artist