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Embody Life Ranch

Teri Carter

Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist

Teri began her lifelong love of horses on the shores of Lake Michigan where fields, forest, and water were abundant in her early years. Animals of all kinds have been influential in her learning of what it means to be human in connection with all of nature.

Teri is a gifted healer, teacher, mover and creative catalyst in the field of embodied awakening. She fosters conscious evolution in the lives of people globally. A mentor and hands-on healer, Teri works with individuals and groups transmitting a unique discovery process that honors all aspects of your humanity and your anatomy as you follow your individual path to becoming a fully integrated self, at home in your body and your life. Drawing on a synthesis of 30 years of research, applied practice, Eastern and Western movement and meditation practice, Teri created the EMBODY LIFE method grounded in science, proven body therapies, somatic movement, Qi Gung-Tai Chi, and life coaching principles helping thousands pass barriers of self-limitation into optimal performance.

Teri Carter, director of SEA, is a registered Somatic Movement Educator and Bodywork Therapist certified with National who has been practicing myriad healing arts for the last 30 years. 
Drawing on a synthesis of research and applied practice, Teri created the EMBODY LIFEmethod grounded in science, proven body therapies, somatic movement, and life coaching principles helping hundreds pass barriers of self-limitation into restored wellbeing. She designs and facilitates effective training programs and healing processes for humans and animals. Teri's passion for horses dates back to her childhood in Wisconsin, where she spent endless hours breathing in, and adoring these magnificent beings. Time spent with her horse Sienna and other horses enriches her life. She is passionate about combining her bodywork therapy and somatic background with equine assisted healing and learning. Teri deeply believes and has experienced, that horses can lead us back to our true essence. Horses have an unconditional, in the moment presence, which helps to connect us with what really matters. They are clear, to the point, and honest about what they perceive. Their wisdom is timeless, there is so much to learn about just 'being'.

Bella Sienna

The jewel of Embody Life Ranch, Sienna is a gated quarter horse that shares her wisdom with guests of the ranch. A 10-year-old mare, Sienna has connected with numerous students and guests with kindness. A wonderful teacher and companion, she patiently shares somatic experiences that help us learn how listening to our own body's wisdom can be the catalyst for deep knowing that is possible between humans and non-humans?

Embody Life Ranch
Courses held at the Embody Life Ranch, just 45 minutes north of Santa Monica, have residential accommodations for up to six participants. Overnight stays at the Center during a course are $30 per night, which covers your overnight stay. Meals: You can bring your own food or go down the road to experience an array of restaurants and a grocery store. Study sessions indoors are interspersed with time out in nature with horses, where body, mind & heart can be nourished and renewed - people can go deeply into the sacred quiet that comes when in connection to our real world. Connecting with the course of study can be deeply embodied in this natural environment.
For those who prefer off-site accommodations during courses at Embody Life Ranch, a Travel Lodge is located 15 minutes from the retreat center, as well as, more hotels in Valencia 20 minutes away. Participants who stay off-site are responsible for their own transportation.
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