Private Wellness Sessions

With Horse As Guide​
Teri Carter, MA, RSME, CMT, CC has 30 years of experience as a movement and bodywork therapist. She will work with your body-mind system with integrated therapies, along with the help of deep interconnection with horses.Through Somatic Movement and connection with HORSES, the integration of our sensory awareness and physical movement becomes a smooth synergy that coordinates our intellectual, emotional and intuitive expressions of consciousness.We will combine the extraordinary methods of Continuum Movement and Body Balancing methods, with powerful and calming experiences with horses.We will use breathing and movement practices drawn from Continuum, Body-MindCentering, and Taoist Meditation, progressive relaxation, and natural horsemanship to connect with horses and with our whole and greater selves. When you require hands-on therapy, Teri integrates somatic massage, cranial sacral, myofascial release, and reiki to bring recovery and restoration to your body.
Teri Carter, MA, RSME, CMT, CC has applied her 30 years of experience as a movement and bodywork therapist for humans, to working with horses. Her integrated therapies have helped numbers of horses feel and move better, eliminating pain. She trained in animal communication and Body Balancing through the Gurney Institute. Since she was a young girl, Teri loved horses, spending as much time with them as possible. Since 2009 she has had the powerful experience of having her own horse, Sienna, a gated quarter horse. Together Sienna and Teri have explored healing and movement therapies. Sessions: Teri provides individual Body Balancing sessions for your horse at your location, or at the Embody Life Ranch in Santa Clarita. The integrated somatic massage and movement methods will help your horse to recover and recharge from injury, lameness, and energetic distress.
Comfort and Ease